Fantastic... a masterful demonstration of how even complex science can be made fun and engaging

This children's science book could help save the US economy

Carl Sagan meets Dr. Seuss
- UniverseToday


What amazing creativity! Jamie Dunbar tells the story of the universe and of life in sentences that rhyme and then illustrates the story, too. All with utter accuracy! These books appeal to people of any age, bringing us all closer to the astonishing universe that sustains us. I can't wait to see what Jamie does with human history in book 3.

- Cynthia Stokes Brown
Author of Big History – From the Big Bang to the Present
Retired professor of education at Dominican University
American Book Award Winner


Dr Seuss meets Big History!  Modern science is generating a modern origin story, a scientific narrative about the origins of ourselves and everything around us. Everyone alive today needs to know this story, especially those going to school, and James Dunbar’s books provide just the introduction they will need.  They are fun, beautifully illustrated, and easy to understand, though not afraid of some technical stuff. (And adults will surely enjoy them too!)

- David Christian
Macquarie University, Sydney, and Ewha Womans University, Seoul
Author of Maps of Time – An Introduction to Big History
President of the IBHA


With his "Universe Verse", James Dunbar has created a book that complements two classics.  Working in the same genre as the celebrated cartoonist Larry Gonick, Dunbar takes a step beyond black and white drawings and celebrates the latest scientific understandings of the universe with rich, colorful illustrations.  And while Dunbar's work is similar in content and form to Jennifer Morgan's stunning Universe Story Trilogy, his irreverent tone might have a better shot at capturing the attention of a somewhat older, more skeptical reader.  A wonderful contribution to the world of cosmology books for children!

- Brian Swimme
Professor of evolutionary cosmology, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco
Author of Journey of the Universe