The Universe Verse - PDF eBook


The Universe Verse - PDF eBook


For the month of December you can download the complete PDF eBook version of The Universe Verse for free. If you enjoy it, please consider getting a copy of the hardcover.

110 pages, Ages 10+, Color, Hardcover

The Universe Verse is a scientifically-accurate rhyming comic book about the origins of the universe, life on Earth and the human race. It introduces and illuminates the most fundamental features of our existence in a way that is engaging and accessible to a wide audience, including young children.

“Fantastic… a masterful demonstration of how even complex science can be made fun and engaging”

“This children’s science book could help save the US economy”


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This book introduces every major scientific milestone in the history of existence: energy, space, time, the four fundamental forces, matter, particles, atoms, elements, fusion, stars, supernovae, galaxies, planets, solar systems, Earth, planetary crust, atmosphere, water, life, variation, reproduction, survival, evolution, cells, DNA, genes, sex, biodiversity, the food web, bacteria, photosynthesis, extinctions, respiration, eukaryotes, endosymbiosis, chloroplasts, mitochondria, multicellular organisms, tissues, organs, perception, nerves, brains, aquatic, terrestrial, and flying creatures, fossils, dinosaurs, mammals, primates, humans, consciousness, language, agriculture, civilization, math, writing, books and science!  

Dr Seuss meets Big History! Everyone alive today needs to know this story, and James Dunbar’s books provide just the introduction they will need. They are fun, beautifully illustrated, and easy to understand, though not afraid of some technical stuff. (And adults will surely enjoy them too!)
— David Christian; Author of Maps of Time – An Introduction to Big History
What amazing creativity! These books appeal to people of any age, bringing us all closer to the astonishing universe that sustains us.
— Cynthia Stokes Brown; Author of Big History – From the Big Bang to the Present
A wonderful contribution to the world of cosmology books for children!
— Brian Swimme; Author of Journey of the Universe